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Industry leading connected fleet technology group, Connexas, has been awarded ‘Best Innovation’ at the Whistl Annual Supplier Day on the 21st of February.


The annual conference, hosted by the UK’s leading delivery management company, Whistl, brings together key suppliers for an overview of the past 12 months as well as an update on the company’s future plans. This year’s event focused on Whistl’s commitment to the environment, with guest speakers discussing Electric Vehicles, waste management, alternative fuels and more.



Connexas is a leading provider of fleet management solutions throughout the UK, EU, North America & Australia. Delivering innovative all-in-one fleet solutions to customers worldwide, Connexas has helped Whistl achieve significant cost savings through driver behaviour monitoring and multi-camera solutions since 2014.


Towards the end of 2019, Connexas completed an instrumental project for Whistl, creating a bespoke dashboard on the Isotrak platform. This new and improved design enables Whistl to actualise their ‘Fleet Risk Improvement Strategy’ goals by utilising this information to adapt driving styles to mitigate risks whilst on the road.


Gareth Hughes, Procurement, Property & Fleet Director at Whistl commented, “At Whistl we take our presence on the road and the safety of our drivers and other road users seriously. We wanted to improve our diagnostics and management information and although our Isotrak suite provides data we needed an easy way to access and interpret diagnostics that help us to understand and act on our risks. The team at Connexas have delivered a suite of role-based dashboards that enable us to do this and this will help us to achieve our goals.”


Andrew Overton, CEO of Connexas commented, “We are very pleased to have been nominated for, and won the ‘Best Innovation’ award. Winning this award reflects all the hard work and dedication the team at Connexas put into all of our customers solutions. Moreover, the award highlights Whistl’s dedication to reducing driver risk within their fleet.”

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