Connexas Group have been acquired by european leader AddSecure.

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Connexas Group have been acquired by european leader AddSecure.

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In two years, eCommerce supply chain specialists Trucklink.EU have grown their fleet from 15 trucks to more than 40 trucks at peak. While this rapid growth is welcomed, the company’s admin tasks, and compliance management have become increasingly time-consuming and challenging to manage.


Managing Tachograph files was a key factor in this, as the job can be a huge logistical challenge and admin burden on fleet and compliance managers. Because of this, Trucklink.EU felt they needed to invest in a reliable, innovative compliance solution.


Trucklink.EU has benefitted from the Tachograph Download solution from Connexas, part of AddSecure, as the solution removes the need for manually collecting tachograph files. By minimising the risk of human error and automising processes, Trucklink.EU can continue to operate within compliance rules, avoid fines, and not become overwhelmed with admin tasks.

"It’s making our compliance and administration a lot more manageable as the fleet has grown. After a compliance incident, we felt like we were on the radar and realised we had to up our compliance and procedures.”

Nigel Todd, Managing Director at Trucklink.EU commented;

For companies with large fleets that not only operate all over the country, but also abroad with varying compliance regulations, the remote Tacho Download solution alleviates an untold amount of stress. For Trucklink.EU, the solution has additionally given them back time to put into their business, saving their fleet manager two full days of admin work per week.


The Tachograph Download solution allows you to schedule automated remote downloads of Vehicle Unit and Driver Card files. So, all the hard work is done automatically. Supported by all major Tachograph Analysis providers across Europe, our software fully integrates with most providers.

“What the solution has proved is we can now manage our fleet at a much higher level of compliance, and it doesn’t matter how much more the fleet grows because the technology takes care of all the administrative burden. We now have a green O license and pass our independent audits with flying colours.”

Nigel Todd reflecting on how the solution has helped Trucklink.EU to manage compliance said;

Tachograph Download can maximise productivity within your fleet by giving you visibility of your driver’s live tacho status. Also, managers remain aware of driving infringement warnings and remaining driving hours, allowing fleet managers to better allocate their resources. The solution is scalable, so as a fleet grows, Remote Tachograph Download continually helps companies to avoid potential fines and simplifies complicated compliance management without any extra work.

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