Connexas Group have been acquired by european leader AddSecure.

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Connexas Group have been acquired by european leader AddSecure.

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Many transport and logistics companies experience similar challenges when it comes to fleet management. Because of the sheer number of business processes involved, many of them very complicated, routine tasks can quickly become overwhelming.


Because of this, fleet management software has become increasingly sought out to help fleets run efficiently and reduce the amount of time and stress fleet managers spend on admin tasks. With telematics data, they have the right tools and information to spot areas of the business that need improving, helping them to better manage time-consuming tasks.

Operating compliantly is certainly a priority for transport companies, albeit at times challenging considering the number of industry rules to follow. Also, minimising risk and ensuring a high level of safety is maintained throughout the fleet is very important. Firstly, for protecting staff and preventing avoidable accidents, and secondly to maintain the company reputation and future insurance premiums.


Often, due to the many elements involved in running a fleet, companies must go to several providers and work with several systems.  It can become complicated and laborious, especially when the goal of investing in a fleet management software is to simplify things.


Therefore, we have endeavoured to deliver a system that is an all-in-one solution. Allowing fleet managers to gain back time to put into their business, while optimising and automating their fleet management processes. Here, we will detail how our system helped e-commerce supply chain specialist TruckLink.EU to elevate safety within in their fleet, tackle compliance, and reduce their insurance costs.


eCommerce supply chain specialists and longstanding Connexas customer, Trucklink.EU, members of the Pall-Ex network, operate locally in Northamptonshire and Leicestershire, as well as providing overnight pallet distribution throughout the UK.


In only a couple of years, Trucklink.EU’s fleet has grown rapidly, from 15 trucks to more than 40 at peak.  While this growth is beneficial, the company is now more exposed to potential accidents and liabilities, as well as increased compliance and admin tasks. Working from a single system made all the difference when managing the increased workload.

Multi-Camera Systems

Due to the increasing number of vehicles within their fleet, Trucklink.EU also found they had a growing number of incidents to deal with. Each time, a situation would cost them money and resources to resolve, as well as impacting their insurance.


To ensure they were covered from a liability point of view, and to give their drivers greater peace of mind they were protected from false claims, Trucklink.EU invested in a multi-camera system. As they already had telematics in place, the cameras meant footage was captured, but with an overlay of telematics data. This gives some context into how a driver was operating the vehicle at the time of the incident.

“I can think of probably 5 incidents where the cameras have saved our bacon, and certainly made sure that we have not been exposed in terms of liability and when it comes to premium renewals. Cameras really save the day when someone else does something wrong because you can’t control that, and it’s their words against ours. Also, our insurance company said if we installed the cameras, they would reduce our premiums.”

Nigel Todd, Managing Director at Trucklink.EU

One example of the multi-camera system saving Trucklink.EU from a liability case, was a claim that arose against them for allegedly knocking some scaffolding off the side of a house in London. They were accused of mounting a kerb, however when the footage from the vehicle was reviewed, it showed the vehicle did not deviate and the scaffolding was in fact overhanging the highway.


In this situation, the footage was quickly and easily obtained from the Verilocation platform, showing the precise dates, times, and vehicle data from the incident. This evidence was then presented and Trucklink.EU were absolved of any responsibility for the damage.


Trucklink.EU also feel that since the installation of the cameras their accident rates have decreased, and general safety levels have improved;

“Now we find there are less accidents because the team drive more defensively, so in that regards the cameras have been a real success.”

Nigel Todd, Managing Director at Trucklink.EU

Managing Compliance

The Verilocation platform allows Trucklink.EU to monitor their vehicles in real-time, providing detailed insights into fuel usage, miles travelled, and resource allocation. Additionally, they get a quick overview of their fleet’s live tacho status, keeping ahead of driving infringement and card expirations.


With the increased admin burden, the Remote Tacho Download solution has ensured Trucklink.EU have achieved their compliance goals, while saving their fleet and compliance manager up to two days a week on admin tasks;

"It has proved to be more than efficient in terms of saving man hours, and our compliance and administration a lot more manageable as the fleet has grown.”

Nigel Todd, Managing Director at Trucklink.EU

Following a compliance incident, it took Trucklink.EU between two and three years to build up their O licence again from a red to a green. Since then, they expected another audit from VOSA, and so it was essential they were operating at the highest levels of compliance in vehicle maintenance, working time directive, and driver’s hours.


Managing tachograph files can be logistically challenging at the best of times, but even more so when you have a larger fleet. There is now no need to manually collect tachograph files and Trucklink.EU can schedule automated remote downloads of Vehicle Unit and Driver Card files. Furthermore, our solution is supported by all major Tachograph Analysis providers across Europe, and so fully integrates with most providers.


Trucklink.EU are also due to have Breathalock devices installed across their fleet later in 2021. The breathalysers are hardwired directly into the vehicle’s ignition, and so any failed breath tests will immobilise the vehicle. It is an essential piece of equipment to prevent drink-driving. The investment has benefitted Trucklink.EU’s insurance premiums, and all of their compliance related needs are now managed from a single platform, and one provider.

“After showing the insurers the trends and what we, and Connexas are committed to in terms of compliance, they decided to freeze our premiums on the basis that we install the Breathalock devices.”

Nigel Todd, Managing Director at Trucklink.EU

An all-in-one solution from one provider 

The benefits of finding a telematics provider with an all-in-one solution for fleet management are far reaching. Everyday tasks such as compliance, and the monitoring of your fleet become simplified, as you only need to engage with one interface.


Additionally, you will gain access to services and support from a company who are leaders in telematics and fleet management solutions. With a wealth of experience, industry know-how, and insight into the latest technologies, there will always be new solutions and opportunities for you to elevate your business operations.

“The nice thing about Connexas is they have always helped Trucklink.EU. They understand the industry and the businesses they work with. Sometimes there is some big investment that has to be involved, and as business owners we’re always nervous about that, how do we know it’s going to pay benefits? Connexas make that very easy, it’s always workable and we can always find solutions.”

Nigel Todd, Managing Director at Trucklink.EU

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