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Join us as TfL’s Head of Transport Strategy and Planning discusses all you need to know about the Direct Vision Standard. Providing valuable information on how you can make your fleet complaint and safe when travelling in London. Also, hear from Whistl as they share their experience in implementing a Connexas Safe System and why they chose to get ahead of the curve.

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Keep your fleet compliant

The Direct Vision Standard comes into effect in October 2020, but will be enforced from March 2021, impacting fleets operating in The Greater London area.

The standard aims to reduce deaths and injuries caused to pedestrians and cyclists involving HGVs.

We will demonstrate how a comprehensive Safe System from Connexas directly improves the direct vision of HGVs, bringing them up TfL’s star rating system.

Gain the opportunity to engage with special guest speakers from Transport for London, and parcel delivery giant WhistlWhistl has already begun the process of elevating their fleet’s direct vision.

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